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What is Seek the Stars!?


Twenty years ago, humankind made first contact with an advanced alien species after discovering the secrets to FTL travel on the moon. Since then, they have joined the Systems Accord alliance and been welcomed to the galactic community. A new age of exploration, discovery, and adventure awaits in the wide galactic yonder. . .

. . . but damn if outer space isn’t weird! From crazy aliens like the blissfully goofy Plodnars to madcap sports like the Orion Cup, the galaxy’s preeminent Starship battle-racing circuit, the Orion Sector is a mighty strange place. And if humanity wants to survive and thrive in all that madness, they’re probably gonna have to embrace it.

Played using the Fate Core ruleset, Seek the Stars! is a high-octane sci-fi adventure-comedy stuffed to the space-gills with hi-jinks, antics, and tomfoolery. But it’s not all fun and games! Players take the role of agents of the Space Patrol’s infamous Expeditionary Team Delta, the Systems Accord’s fourth-string exploratory team/covert-ops unit. They’re the galaxy’s last, worst hope for peace, unity, and safety.

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