Seek the Stars!

Subject Report: 206206072111242

Report from the desk of Meow Lovelace, Supervisory “Human” Resources Specialist, BS-0.

Subject Miller is becoming an increasing hazard. Patroller ████ ███████ has been apparently tasked with gathering information on the Subject due to an incident at The ██████. This could provide an opportunity to collect more data on the subject, as well as offer an opportunity for elimination, should the need arise, given proper incentive of course. IT has been noted that Subject has visited The ██████ two more times, apparently checking on the proprietor’s well-being (and rebuffed, of course).

Fragments of foreign (and sophisticated) code seem to be showing up in locations where the subject is present. It is recommended that should Patroller █████ or █████ perish, diagnostics and an autopsy should be performed (respectively) as soon as possible. The later could be interesting if Subject-02 has an effect on other advanced prosthesis. It is currently unknown if either have been afflicted with anything due to proximity with the Subject. It is known, however, that a Doorbot on level 1 has been recovered for diagnostics due to a severe, and I quote, “Oil Expulsion Malfunction” and [REDACTED]. It is unknown if any foreign subroutines were located, but it does coincide with the Subjects access to level 0 for a mission assigned by Commodore Fetcher.

Currently, the Subject is continuing to reside in the Jumbleheap Tenements. I am unsure if this is due to personal preference, or if Quartermaster Mrrvnn desired him to be as far away from the armory since he [REDACTED]. Curiously enough, he has taken to cleaning up the neighborhood, volunteering spare time to clean up the streets, which has occasionally resulted in a handful of violent altercations over street debris and garbage. Even more curious, is that the Subject seems to be engaging in more one-sided conversations with Subject-02, and periodically, he will begrudgingly meddle with various electric billboards around the Crumble, particularly ones of ███████ █████████, caressing them occasionally with Subject-02 and then simply walking away. It is recommended that a Research and Disposal team contact the administrators who manage those billboards, ASAP, as I have collected reports that these billboards are now encouraging passerby to ‘Join the eternal togetherness of being one to dream the forever-dream.’

I don’t get paid enough for this. Does anyone even read these reports?


barrelv Jherden

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