The Big Cheese

A living, talking cheese wheel


The Big Cheese appears to be an enormous 70lb wheel of a soft cheese—maybe brie or camambert—that went badly rotten. Unlike normal cheese, it is able to roll around and also speaks, somehow. It also has a colony of equally sapient mold growing all over it; the mold-spore-beings worship The Big Cheese as a god.

It is a vocal and passionate supporter of giving equal rights to all living creatures. The Big Cheese was most recently spotted at the pro -machine rights rally, where it allegedly helped create a popular rally call with Janis Nicks, a famous space folk singer.


Originally uplifted as part of a nefarious experiment by Ethicorp Galactic Biopharma, Inc (EGBI), The Big Cheese is unique among the other Uplifts (including rats, flies, and cockroaches) in that it and a colony of mold living on it gained sapience from the experimental Uplift Serum. Far more intelligent than the other experimental subjects, The Big Cheese helped organize them and guided the mad Kreanne, Tanvi Who Walks Through Walls, into helping its fellow Uplifts.

However, unlike the others, The Big Cheese has remained on BS-0, becoming a frequent but utterly bewildering sight for those on the station who cannot fathom why an enormous wheel of rotting cheese is constantly rolling itself around the place, shouting about equal rights.

The Big Cheese

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