Mag-Ni-Tude (AKA Pop-Pop! and Tude)

A Tinkrener scientist turned full-blown party animal, now a bartender at Trebor’s

  • Exceedingly Excellent Drug Dealer & Also Bartender
  • Duo-Form Uni-Intelligences with an Extreme Atti-Tude, Come on Dude

A brilliant Tinkrener scientist who took an unexpected turn as a full-blown party animal in the Dimension of Infinite Parties, Mag-Ni-Tude is currently working as a bartender at Trebor’s in the Crumble. When the three of them are getting along, they’re still a great (if somewhat more subdued) combination, but increasingly, it looks like their symbiotic bonds are fraying.

As Pop-Pop!, she is an especially popular duo, particularly in their vibrantly colored Firecracker Mk. II mech-suit! It can morph into a shiny lampshade form when they are really get into the party mood, which is essentially all of the time.


When Mag-Ni-Tude, the scientific officer aboard Zach Brannigan’s doomed mission into “The Zipper” cosmic phenomenon in the Plodos System, was lost in the Dimension of Infinite Parties with the rest of the crew, they adapted as best they could, succumbing to the party atmosphere almost completely. . . unfortunately, the Ooo of the trio, Tude, didn’t like this new direction at all and was eventually shunned by Mag and Ni, who abandoned him one night and rebranded themselves Pop-Pop! She was the new life of the Party (Dimension)!

They spent their time in the Dimension brewing up an exciting variety of designer drinks and narcotics in the kitchen, making them an especially popular duo. When they were rescued by Team Delta and reunited with Tude, they took up a job at Trebor’s thanks to a word from Patroller Goldeneye M’rower.

In the months since then, Mag-Ni-Tude perfected a tamer Party Cannon, a semi-weaponized administration method of delivering their “Party in your Mouth” special—a potent alcohol-drug combination—to the patrons of Trebor’s. As time has gone on and old, bad habits have resurfaced, it looks like Pop-Pop! is coming to the fore once more. . . Everyone Loves Her, that’s our Pop-Pop!

Hidden behind the bar, rarely seen, remains the trio’s Ooo, Tude, and that’s just how he likes it. He hasn’t really gotten over how his partners left him drunk and passed out in a dingy bathroom in the Bathroom, frankly—talk about a nasty party foul. He tries to hide that there is a faint permanent marker drawing of a human face on the flat area at the top of his trunk.

Mag-Ni-Tude (AKA Pop-Pop! and Tude)

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