Agg-Rix-Xu aka "FLO"

Sardonic, likable waitress and cook at Trebor's

  • Wry, Straight-Shootin’ Cook and Waitress
  • Been Here Longer’n I Care to Remember

A Tinkrener waitress and cook at Trebor’s, Agg-Rix-Xu has actually worked at this bar since long before Trebor took ownership of it, proudly stating she’s worked for no fewer than six owners, “two of whom yet live! Well, I say live.” A little battered and living in an outdated Servo-Mech B4, Agg-Rix-Xu is nonetheless upbeat, straightforward, and better at reheating the tragic excuses for food they serve at Trebor’s than the rest of the staff.


At some point in their time working together, Agg-Rix-Xu was nicknamed “Flo” by Trebor. He says that she reminds him of someone he knew when he was a young boy, but it might just be that the giant tooth jutting up out of his lower jaw makes it hard for him to say her full name. . .

Agg-Rix-Xu aka "FLO"

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